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Agrophos -L - Phosphate Solubilising Biofertilizer

Phytoalexin-84 -An Immunity Inducer

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Agrophos -L:

5 LTR, 1 LTR



Chemical fertilizers containing phosphorous is used in large quantities. However, water soluble fertilizer becomes insoluble and the plant can't take it. Thus, over the years phosphorous accumulates in the soil as tricalcium phosphate (alkaline soil) or iron/aluminium phosphate (acidic soil)

About the Product:

  • Agrophos-L contains Phosphate solubilising bacteria.
  • Agrophos-L is applied to the soil it multiplies the organisms around the root zone which steadily release the insoluble phosphate to soluble phosphate

How to recover the phosphorous which is available in the soil but fixed ?

After a series of trials, Agrophos has been formulated which contains proper blend and proportions of cultures containing phosphate solubilising bacteria. When applied to the soil, it multiplies into tiny organisms around the root zone which steadily release the insoluble phosphate to soluble phosphate.

Benefits of Agrophos

  • Promotes lateral and fibrous roots
  • Promotes ripening and maturity of plants
  • Increases diseases resistance in plants
  • Increase Grain/Straw Ratio thus increases yield

Method of applying Agrophos

  • Mix 8-10 kgs of Agrophos in 40 kgs of well decomposed compost (FYM), sprinkle water to moisten it, allow to stand overnight. Apply uniformly over one acre at the time of sowing, irrigate immediately.
  • Mix 8-10 Kgs of Agrophos with granular insecticide or fertilizer or rock phosphate and broadcast near
    the root zone.
  • Can be used as seed treatment: Mix 1 to 2 kg of Agrophos with seeds required for one acre, sprinkle small quantity of water while mixing. Then dry seeds in shade, sow as usual followed by adequate irrigation.
  • Can be used before transplanting: Mix 2 kg of Agrophos in 10 litres of water. Dip the root zone of seeding for 15 minutes and transplant followed by adequate irrigation.

Dosage of Agrophos crop wise

  • Crop Doses (per acre) Cereals like Bajra, Wheat, Rice, Jowar, Maize main field 4-5 kgs
  • Pulses like Soybean, Mung, Tur,Green gram, cow pea etc. 4-5 kgs.
  • Vegetables like Tomato, Cabbage, Cauliflower, Potato Etc. 6-8 kgs
  • Horticultural crops like Grapes, Pomegranate, Citrus, Banana, Apple, Mango etc. 8-10 kgs
  • Plantation crops like tea, coffee, rubber etc. 8-10 kgs
  • Spice & Condiments like pepper, clove, cardamom. Turmeric, ginger etc. 8-10 kgs
  • Sugarcane, Cotton, Tobacco, Oilseeds 5-8 kgs
  • Nurseries & Floriculture 200 gms/10 Sq. Ft.

CAUTION: Store in cool ventilated shade. Do not mix with bactericide.

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